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Diagnosis and treatment is guided by the best available evidence. Interobserver studies and expert panel studies are important instruments in a field where evidence is scarce. One of our PhD Students was involved in the development of the Science of Variation Collaborative for the Upper Extremity. This platform has demonstrated its power and has produced numerous scientific publications. By means of improved technology, we now launch a similar initiative for the Foot & Ankle field:

Our Mission

The mission of the Ankleplatform Study Group - Science of Variation Collaborative is to perform online interobserver studies, expert opinion studies and other research projects with the ultimate aim to raise the level of care for our patients with Foot & Ankle pathology

Our Goal

The goal of the Ankleplatform Study Group is to perform 4-8 studies each year. The outcome of these studies are published in peer reviewed journals.

How does it work?

The study questions come from daily practice. By means of thorough literature searches -performed by our research group- the evidence on the topic is summarized. Study goal and hypothesis are formulated and an online research survey is built. Invitations to participate in these studies are sent to members of the Ankleplatform Study Group via email.

What will be studied?

All open questions concercing diagnosis, classification and treatment in the field of Foot & Ankle, for which level I-III evidence is currently lacking. Studies are divided into specific areas of interest like: cartilage lesions, tendon pathology, trauma, posttraumatic deformities, degenerative arthritis and overuse syndroms like stress fractures, the athlete ankle etc.

Who are participating in the studies?

All members of are invited to become a member of the Ankleplatform Study Group. For each study, this dedicated group of experts in the field is invited to participate.

What is expected of the participants?

We intially ask the participants to select their subspecializations/area of interest. Each Study Group member will be invited to participate in studies matching their expertise and interest. The entire process of completing a study will take approximately 20-45 minutes. The outcome of the study will be published and all participants are acknowledged by means of group authorship. This means that all participants are registered as a co-author on PUBMED (Example of group publication PUBMED).

In addition, the Ankleplatform Study Group members can submit their own study ideas. In this case you are cordially invited to get involved in the setup of the study. You will then be one of the main authors.

How can I join the Ankleplatform Study Group?

Only members of Anklplatform will be invited to participate in this global scientific collaboration.

If you are already a member of Ankleplatform and interested in being part of the Ankleplatform Study Group, please click HERE

If you are no member yet, please click HERE and you will be automatically invited via email.










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